Red In The Water

Back In The Big Country

Lights, traffic, border patrol stealing our lovely Mexican oranges, and signs threatening us the penalties for everything…
We're back in the States!

We've officially run out of 97 cent tequila and we've been headed north and east for days now.
All jokes and roadside police state threats aside, it's nice to be back in a place where everyone speaks your native tongue. After a 3 hour wait right next to Trump's glorious wall, we made it through the border without too much hassle. For some reason, they confiscated most, but not all, of our oranges and potatoes at the border, but other than that it was a breeze. At our first stop in the US, we managed to spend $17 on a salad and Alyssa lost her phone and purse, but after a minor freakout, we backtracked and recovered all but the $17 dollars.

We're currently sailing smoothly in Nevada; Utah and Colorado are next up.

Hold on family and friends! We're heading your way :)

Goodbye Mexico:

Hello America:

Until next time,
Alyssa and Rick