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Vegan's In A Van - A Guide To The Outer Banks

So, you're living the dream. Traveling around the world with your best friend and dog. You wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping. The sea is just footsteps away. Every sunset, sunrise, and moonrise you see are stunningly beautiful, but there's one small hiccup. YOU'RE VEGAN AND YOU LIVE ON AN ISLAND!! Where are you supposed to find food?! Well don't sweat it! After a year of living in the Outer Banks, I've got it down. Here are all the places that you can find awesome vegan food in the Outer Banks that I know of.

Places to go out to eat

  • Waves Deli and Market located in Waves, NC
    • This place rocks!!! Everything there is awesome and you can pick up some drinks and groceries while you're in there! They have an awesome veggie burger called the CJ Parker. It's completely vegan by default :) They also have a bean burrito that can easily be made vegan and it's also extremely good. The burritos are like Chipotle turned up to 11. Best burritos I've ever had! Seriously, you need to try this place.
  • Lisa's Pizza located in Rodanthe, NC
    • Great pizza shop with the best vegan pizza I've ever had. They have a hummus based pizza called The Hippie that's very good. If you're feeling pizza, this is the place to go.
  • Waterman's Bar and Grill located in Waves, NC
    • Great view and good drinks. They have a veggie wrap that's pretty good. They also have some salads, guacamole, and housemade chips and salsa.
  • Goodwinds Restaurant located in Rodanthe, NC
    • Great view from the second story patio. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, and they have a veggie burger.
  • Pangea Tavern located in Avon, NC
    • Great beer and wine selection, mixed drinks, and the Thai Coconut curry is vegan by default. They also have hummus and a few salads that are easily made vegan.
  • Bro's Sandwich Shop located in Avon, NC
    • A nice little local sandwich shop that'll make your omni friends happy too! Right by the only real grocery store on the Outer Banks, Food Lion. They have a very good veggie burger and their fries are great. People tell me that their animal -based entrees are very good also.
  • The Buxton Munch located in Buxton, NC
    • A long -standing local hangout in Buxton. I don't remember what I got there that was vegan, but I know there's something and that it was pretty good! Give this place a shot if you're in the area.
  • Asian Places (They always have some vegan stuff :)
    • Boardwok South located in Waves, NC
    • China Town located in Avon, NC
    • The Thai Room located in Kill Devil Hills
      • Great food and awesome service. I love this place.

Getting Groceries

    • There are two produce stands in the tri-village (Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo), C&J and Mom's. Both have a pretty good selection of fruits and veggies.
    • Dollar General located in Waves has an OK selection of vegan dry goods. You won't find any specialty items like Tofurky there, but they have most of the regular vegan by default stuff.
    • As stated above, Waves Market and deli has a small selection of produce and mostly snacky type foods.
    • Most of the gas stations in the area have a small selection of vegan food items. None of them are great, but they all have something :)
    • Food Lion located in Avon has just about everything. You can get produce, tofu, Tofurky, vegan sausages, plant based milks, hummus, beer, wine, etc. etc. The only thing I wouldn't buy there is their fresh bread. I don't know why, but it's not good. I could make better bread during a hurricane, with my eyes closed, in the van!
    • If you make the drive up north to Nag's Head, you can get literally anything. There are two equally expensive grocery stores that carry all the oddball items, Harris Teeter and Fresh Market. If you're desperate for vegan cheese and you don't want to make your own, you're going to have to head north and shell out some bucks!

A delicious CJ Parker from Waves Market and Deli that is currently residing in my stomach!

That's just about it. If you find any other places with some great vegan eats, shoot us a message and I'll happily update my list.

Thanks for reading and thanks for doing what's best for everything on this planet :)